Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 months on GAPS

found a really helpful site to share: simply being well

it's been a steady uphill climb, but now I feel like I have leveled off. my vitality is almost fully returned, and I feel...healthy! grain and legume free is working for me.

I am not full-on GAPS diet yet, even. I had major detox and die-off going on, so I am moving slowly. I am not incorporating so much broth these days, just ensuring I get 15 g protein with each meal, mostly relying on fish, eggs and poultry while my HCl production gets restarted. Mostly, I am eating vegetables. I think if it was winter and not 100 degrees out every day, I might be eating more chicken stock based soups like I did in spring, but that just wasn't feeling right. So long as I feel really good, and my digestion remains clear, I am happy!

favorite recipes from the GAPS guide blog:
are butternut squash pancakes (with blueberries)
cauliflower...any way! "rice", fauxtatoes, you name it
breakfast bars (see previous post which I adapted from Living Without Mag recipe)

if you are having digestive issues, bacterial overgrowth, miscarriages, thyroid/adrenal issues, mental issues...GAPS might help you. it's a commitment to go all the way back to the intro (and I did not feel too great when I did it), but the health I have regained made it all worth it.

be well~

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Monique said...

thank you so much for sharing your experiences. How is progress going? I think I might need to go on the GAPS diet as well.
I see we are in the same area. Do you have any doctor that you would recommend? I'm having a hard time finding one who knows his/her stuff. I'd really appreciate it!